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Tabcorp Room Booking Upgrade

Gaming and gambling is big business, and Tabcorp is one of the biggest.

After a recent merger with Tattslotto, the giant became a global behemoth. Its Sydney head office is a hive of activity. But like many a big enterprise living with legacy systems, Tabcorp was enduring a less than satisfactory Outlook calendar-based booking system.

The old booking system was frustrating and clunky. Rooms were regularly double booked, a problem only remedied by individually contacting the parties involved. A quick round of rock, paper, scissors may have even been involved…

Stepping up with Concierge

Moving to a dedicated room booking system was a revelation. The Concierge room booking system is designed to integrate with Microsoft Outlook/Exchange, which made the switch a seamless one for Tabcorp staff. The GUI may have been the same as the previous approach, but the experience afforded by the new Concierge system was incomparably superior. The new Concierge system has made booking rooms a breeze — no double bookings, and greater accessibility to the booking information — and is reliable.

Front End

Concierge displays were used throughout the Tabcorp project. The hardened glass touchscreen looks smart and provides all the at-a-glance information staff require. The screen can toggle between red and green to indicate availability, while a daily timeline view makes it easy to determine when the next available window is available. What’s more you can use the touch interface to book a room on the spot or future date a booking.

All Booked

Tabcorp joins a long line of large enterprises whose meeting and room booking has been revolutionised by Concierge. Tabcorp reports a simple implementation, made simpler thanks to setup assistance from the Concierge Displays team. Meetings are now booked and organised more efficiently, cutting down on needless frustration and misunderstandings. Great for business!