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BirdDog Cloud

Connect any number of NDI or SDI sources anywhere across the globe.

BirdDog Cloud 3.0, the next generation of BirdDog’s globally connected advanced media platform, is the fastest and easiest way to expand outside your local network to distribute your content anywhere in the world.

At its core Cloud 3.0 harnesses BirdDog’s specialised transport engine, a highly reliable and scalable media pipeline, delivering all the benefits and security of SRT, augmented with deep control layers for PTZ and metadata, and multi-camera synchronisation support.

BirdDog X120

The most connected PTZ on the planet.

With 5 connection options, X120 is the most connected PTZ on the planet. Features Wi-Fi for wireless connectivity, SDI and HDMI for hardwired baseband video workflows, NDI over Ethernet with PoE for hardwired IP, and USB UVC to connect to your favourite conferencing app.

X120 is fully compatible with NDI HX3 so you can rest easy.

The BirdDog Difference

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