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PS752 Desktop Document Camera

Video/Audio Recording and Extra Storage

With the built-in microphone, and USB flash drive (up to 4TB), record and store video and audio synchronously without a PC. Lumens TM has developed a PC-free solu on, using a USB wired or wireless mouse to enable the image to be directly edited.

DC172 4K Document Camera

Ultra-Clear 4K Image Quality

The Lumens® DC172 Ladibug™ document camera provides ultra-clear 4K 30fps output resolution, supports 1080p, 720p and XGA resolutions. It can demonstrate remarkable detailed images of any object in real-time without delays and enhance the interaction between instructor and students.

Lumens' educational technology, including Document cameras, PTZ cameras, and lecture capture system are aimed to create a student-centered interactive classroom, allowing students to receive the content in a fun way.

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