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PTZ Fly w/Blue Pill inside

The superb OLED displays clearly show what camera settings you control and which preset you recall.

PTZ Fly w/Blue Pill Inside has a very compact form factor while featuring. Pan, tilt and rotate the handle to control your cameras. The PTZ Fly is in use in productions around the world and is a popular choice for many small setups, like churches and universities.

Wave Board w/Blue Pill Inside

Tactile controls of the audio side of your production! A great compliment to any ATEM or vMix setup.


  • - Blue Pill Inside (hardware of a Blue Pill is moved into your controller instead of combining a stand-alone Blue Pill with a UniSketch panel
  • - Monitor Audio levels wth precise OLED VU
  • - 8 Channels of Motorised Faders for parameter and volume control
  • - RGB Backlist Encoders with crisp widescreen OLED legends
  • - Discreet buttons for channel solo, mute, etc,
  • - Ethernet with PoE

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