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Meetings Back on Track

Gaming and gambling is big business, and Tabcorp is one of the biggest.

Empty (yet pre-booked) meeting rooms: they’re the scourge of any business. An empty room that can’t be used, due a prior booking, is wasted space.

It’s not always the fault of the group that booked the room (and didn’t show up). Often it’s the fault of the room booking system — it’s simply not responsive enough or easy enough to use.

This was the experience of Auckland Transport.

Auckland Transport’s core activity is to keep things moving in and around Auckland — roads, footpaths, cycle tracks, parking and public transport… it’s all on the Auckland Transport beat.


The Auckland Transport office was in some kind of room booking gridlock. It had grown and evolved without an automated system — admin staff would post up sheets of paper with the day’s schedule. Naturally, this led to issues of staff not being able to find an appropriate meeting space and a lot of wasted space when room bookings weren’t cancelled. Auckland Transport needed a simple solution that would streamline its room booking. Enter ProVision Technologies, and Concierge.

ProVision Technologies is one of the largest audiovisual outfits in New Zealand — with offices around the country. As a technology business, it prides itself in staying abreast of current trends. ProVision iscussed the room booking options with Auckland Transport. ProVision even set up a ‘shoot out’, demonstrating the Concierge solution, pitting it against a leading competitor.


Concierge won the day for its ease of use, ease of installation and configuration, as well as its highly competitive pricing.

ProVision supplied and installed 63 room booking panels to Auckland Transport. As the integrator, ProVision reports that its experience in installing the system was exemplary: “regardless of the size of client — small company or large multinational — we’d be confident that they can easily implement the Concierge Displays system, no matter what infrastructure they have,” confirmed a ProVision spokesperson.

Each panel took approximately one hour to install — from the physical unboxing to fixing the glass mount kit and the configuration of the room account settings. Easy.


Once installed, the system implementation was delightfully easy for Auckland Transport. The Concierge Displays team travelled from Australia to assist with the pilot and ensure its success.

Now with a number of months in use, Auckland Transport can better manage its meeting room resources. Staff have been very satisfied with the solution and use it on a daily basis to better manage meeting room resources.