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2022 Technical Guide
Your new guide to the world of AV

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Your new Technical Guide is a click away

The new 2022 Midwich Technical Guide provides you with an all-round overview of our latest AV solutions. It's jam packed with easy-to-compare top-selling products and additional services offered by #TeamMidwich Asia. In our new AV Guide, you will discover:

  • • Our extensive AV product range
  • • UC&C products that help clients stay agile
  • • Exciting new vendor partnerships with Promethean and Fusion Signage
  • • Our dedicated support and warranty offering
  • • Details of how to get access to our latest LED, professional video and solution expertise through our specialist divisions across APAC

For more information on our Technical Guide, as well as our demo and support services, please contact our friendly Sales & Support team, or request a call back using the button below.

Sales Team | +65 6950 5599